Cricket Bats (Senior)

hellion-phoenix-alpha-cricket-bat3 hellion-phoenix-cricket-bat3

  • Phoenix: Thick edges with aggressive concave for enhanced pickup. This bat is a favorite of top-order batsmen due to its relatively lighter pick-up, and is good for all types of shots. The Phoenix has an even spine to allow good response on front-foot drives, back-foot punches, and pulls. ┬áComes in three different English willow grades with the ‘Alpha’ version being the top most. Also comes with a padded bat cover.

hellion-griffin-alpha-cricket-bat3 hellion-griffin-cricket-bat3

  • Griffin: The most distinctive attribute of this unique design is its high spine. The tall spine and enables a highly centered balance for the modern day aggressive game play, and when combined with its thick edges it also helps to extend the sweet spot. Both these qualities makes this bat a perfect weapon for players involved in lightning fast scores and massive stroke play. The Griffin comes in three different English willow grades with Griffin ‘Alpha’ being the best willow version. This bat comes with a padded bat cover.


  • Unicorn: This profile is truly an all-round design. The Unicorn boasts of a bulbous back with the less concaving to ensure a splendid pick-up whilst retaining a hint of the traditional cricket bat profile. With a large sweet spot and immaculate balance this bat is ideal for both technically perfect players as well as the modern day stroke players. The Unicorn is only available in our top English willow grade and comes with a padded bat cover.


  • Player’s: This cricket bat is made from hand selected clefts that are chosen for their light weight, and are available in very limited quantity. As the name suggests, this bat is created specially for those cricketers who are looking for an edge in performance. This design is very unique in the fact that it has the largest sweet spot in all of our entire line-up, and it comes with a natural finish unlike all our other cricket bats. The Player’s cricket bat comes with a padded bat cover. The bat popularly mimics the ones preferred by some of the best players of the game, and is a favorite amongst professional cricketers.


  • Limited Edition: These cricket bats are made from our finest english willow clefts and a very limited in numbers. The limited edition cricket bat is an epitome of our craftsmanship and its finish and design are unparalleled. The ‘L.E.’ as it is popularly known is ideal for all types of batting styles and is designed to be versatile in game conditions. It has a large sweet spot to cater to all types of pitches and it supports a large spectrum of stroke play. It comes with a padded bat cover.