About the game of cricket

Cricket is the 3rd most popular game in the world, and it has a known history spanning from the 16th century to the present day, with international matches played since 1844. The official history of international test cricket began in 1877 and it eventually developed from its origins in England into a game which is now played professionally in most of the Commonwealth Nations by both men and women. This game has developed and changed over the years into many formats and style of plays.
Cricket is played in three know forms :-
Test Cricket - This form of the game is the oldest and is played over 5 days, 90 overs each day, and is divided into 2 innings for each side. This format of cricket is played with red ball with each team batting twice to get a result, and is the perfect mode to test the skills of both batsmen and bowlers equally. There are 10 test playing nations all around the world namely Australia, South Africa, England, India, Pakistan, West Indies, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka. The highest individual score in test is by Brian Lara of West Indies against England and the records for higest run getter and most number of centuries is held by Sachin Tendulkar of India. He is also the person to play most number of tests matches at 200 games and a career spanning for over two decades.
One-day International (ODI)- This form of cricket started from 1970s and has gone through the most number of transitions over the years. It was earlier played for 60 overs a side which was later cut down to 50 overs. The ODI format currently has two periods of fielding restrictions allowing only 2 players outside 30 yards in the first 10 overs and the second one also called the ‘batting powerplay’ allowing only 3 players outside 30 yards circle. The batting powerplay can be chosen anytime between the 15th and the 40th overs of the game. This form of game also has a World-Cup Championship played every 4 years. There have been 10 world cups till date starting from 1975 till 2011. The countries currently playing one day internationals are Australia, South Africa, England, India, Pakistan, West Indies, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ireland, Holland, Afghanistan, Netherlands, Scotland, Canada, USA, UAE. The highest individual score in ODIs was scored by Virendra Sehwag of India which was 219 runs against West Indies, and the records for highest run getter and most number of centuries both are held by Sachin Tendulkar of India. Australia has won the world cup 4 times, India and West Indies have won 2 each while Pakistan and Sri Lanka have won 1 each.
T-20 (Twenty-twenty):- This is the latest change in the form of this sport which has gained popularity in last 7-8 years. This game is played for 20 overs a side with 4 overs of powerplay where only 2 players are allowed outside the 30 yards’ circle. This format is also known as fast cricket or the youngsters game as it requires very quick reflexes, smart thinking and power to hit big and innovative batting shots. This form of cricket also has a world cup championship every two years. T-20 is generally played with white balls and is usually played till late in the evening and under artificial lighting. The teams playing this form are Australia, South Africa, England, West Indies, India, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Netherlands, USA, Canada. This form of cricket has witnessed 4 world cups in all with India winning the inaugural world cup, Pakistan, England and West Indies winning 1 each. The last T-20 world cup was the 1st every win for England in all of tournaments hosted by International Cricket Council (ICC) and West Indies’ 1st major title win after the 1979, 60 over ODI World Cup.
The 200 run barrier in ODI was 1st crossed by womens’ international cricketer Belinda Clark of Australia in 1997 scoring 229 not out and then by Sachin Tendulkar for the international men cricketers.