About the brand

The game of cricket is all about the bails atop the stumps; one side strives to strike it and the other defends it. The game centers around a simple goal which is woven around intricately by rules both subtle and loud.

The brand is pretty much a reflection of the game’s central idea: simple yet intense. We aim to introduce gear solely to enhance the performance of its user by virtue of design simplicity and advance ergonomics both wrapped in the traditional cricket outlook.

We don’t waste our resources in pursuing the glamor of modern day cricket, but we will strive to cater to its very real users: Players right from the grass-root level all the way through club cricket and into the first-class category. We will place our ability not into magnifying our name as a player of the equipment market, but as a company that helps the player extract the best out of his game; at any given level and form of competition.

We promise to be sincere about our ethics, be attentive to our reviews and to constantly learn from our mistakes; We will take appreciation as our due return and criticism as challenge.